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Governance and Leadership

The fellowship is governed by an elected Board of Directors, who work closely with the AUUF Staff and with members who lead the work of the fellowship through teams and committees. A Program Council ties the leadership together for a coordinated effort to follow our vision and mission. 

  • Organizational Chart - Illustrates the lines of delegation and reporting between the Board of Directors, staff, teams and committees.

AUUF Board of Directors


AUUF is governed by a Board of Directors whose seven members serve staggered three-year terms. Two to three seats are up for election during the spring Annual AUUF Membership Meeting. 

In keeping with the UU principle to adhere to the democratic process, the elected Board represents the fellowship and is subject to its direction. The Board may make recommendations to the fellowship and may develop operating policies and procedures to implement or clarify bylaws.  

During regular monthly meetings, the Board supervises fellowship affairs, including finances, property, and personnel actions. Special meetings may be called to address specific topics. All Board meetings are announced, posted, and open to interested members/friends of the fellowship. Board meeting minutes document Board actions and decisions. 

Below are the 2022-2023 AUUF Board of Directors and biographical information is available in this Document.

Don Antrobus
(Term exp. 6/30/26 )

Board Photo- Kalen Saxton.JPG
Kalen Saxton
(Term exp. 6/2024 )

 Justin Roberts, Secretary

(Term exp. 6/30/26)


Doug Eby, Treasurer

(Term exp. 6/30/26)

Kathy Lucich

(Term exp. 6/2024)

Yolanda Meza

(Term exp. 6/2025)

Jim Kerr -- Arctic Valley 2-27-2022.jpeg
Jim Kerr

(Term exp. 6/2025)


Peggy Robinson

(Term exp. 6/2022 )

AUUF Board Minutes

Board Meetings: AUUF Board of Directors meetings are typically held on the third Wednesday of each month at the fellowship.  Below are minutes of the current year's Board meetings. The documents are in PDF format. Previous years' board meeting minutes are available from the AUUF Administrator. 


January Board Minutes

February Board Minutes

March Board Minutes 

April Board Minutes

May Board Minutes

June Board Minutes

July Board Minutes

August Board Minutes 

September Board Minutes

October Board Minutes

November Board Minutes

December Board Minutes


January Board Minutes

February Board Minutes 

March Board Minutes 

April Board Minutes

May Board Minutes 

June Board Minutes

July Board Minutes 

August Board Minutes 

September Board Minutes

October Board Minutes 

November Board Minutes

December Board Minutes


January 2021 Board Minutes 

February 2021 Board Minutes 

March 2021 Board Minutes 

April 2021 Board Minutes

May 2021 Board Minutes

June 2021 Board Minutes

July 2021 Board Minutes

August 2021 Board Minutes 

September 2021 Board Minutes 

October 2021 Board Minutes

November 2021 Board Minutes

December  2021 Board Minutes 


January 2020 Board Minutes 

February 2020 Board Minutes 

March 2020 Board Minutes 

April 2020 Board Minutes

May 2020 Board Minutes

June 2020 Board Minutes

July 2020 Board Minutes

August 2020 Board Minutes 

September 2020 Board Minutes 

November 2020 Board Minutes
December  2020 Board Minutes 




December 2019 Board Minutes

November 2019 Board Minutes

October 2019 Board Minutes

September 2019 Board Minutes

August 2019 Board Minutes

July 2019 Board Minutes

June 2019 Board Minutes

May 2019 Board Minutes

April 2019 Board Minutes

March  2019 Board Minutes

February 2019 Board Minutes

January 2019 Board Minutes

Committees and Teams


A good deal of fellowship's work is accomplished by members and friends working on ministry teams and on committees. Ministry Teams execute fellowship programs and report to the Minister. Committees assist with the administration and financial functions of the organization and report to the Board of Directors.  The work of these groups is described in the Ministry section of the website. For more information, access the Leadership Contacts and Organizational Chart documents linked at the top of this page, and review the document below to understand group functions:


AUUF Teams and Committees - This document describes the various fellowship committee and team responsibilities. 

Program Council


Congregational work performed by the fellowship's many volunteer groups is coordinated through the AUUF Program Council, which consists of the chair or a designee from each standing committee and ministry team.  Typically chaired by the immediate past president of the AUUF Board of Directors, the Program Council meets bimonthly, and contributes to the mission of AUUF by:

  • Strengthening communication, collaboration, and creativity among AUUF programs

  • Providing training to build leadership across the fellowship

  • Collaborate on input to the annual operating budget, to include discussion of fellowship initiatives and priorities, needs, opportunities and challenges.

  • Providing a forum for broad issues that cross programs

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