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WhaleCoast Alaska has been a successful and anticipated fundraiser for AUUF for many years. We host about 80 UU visitors from all over the United States in the two tours each summer. The dates for 2024 when guests are in Anchorage are June 15-17 and 19-20 and July 24-26.
Some of our AUUF hosts have opened their homes for many years, while others just had their first experience last year. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet some very nice UU travelers and show off a bit of our state to them. If you are not able to provide housing, you could help with providing food and setup for the banquet, driving guests, or maybe even hosting in another UU’s home if they can’t be there.

The Anchorage UU Fellowship receives $100 per person per night for a comfortable shared bedroom, breakfast, and transportation to and from the host home to the activity. Sometimes guests arrive early and stay with our hosts, or choose to pay double for a single room, earning
us additional funds. In addition, we receive $32 per person for the banquet and entertainment we provide on June 16 and July 25. When we provide additional transportation between venues, we earn $5 per person per ride. Together, last year we earned almost $23,000 that
provided a much-needed supplement to our operating budget!

For more information about the tours, visit On the website are the full itineraries, information about what to expect, and guidelines about traveling and health, including Covid protocols. All guests and hosts are required to be fully vaccinated (including boosters) against Covid to participate.

Peggy Robinson is the AUUF Coordinator. In April, she will be recruiting hosts and other volunteers for the summer tours. If you want to participate in this fun and profitable fundraiser for AUUF, please plan your summer around the above dates and make sure you are fully
vaccinated against Covid.


Volunteers and WhaleCoast guests enjoy a banquet at AUUF.

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