Operational Ministries


Under the guidance of the Minister and Church Administrator, several ministries focus on how the fellowship functions as an organization. These ministries are carried out by teams of volunteers that report to the Minister and coordinate activities with the Church Administrator.  

Building and Grounds

AUUF's facility and property provide the physical space for fellowship programs and functions to occur. The Building and Grounds Team helps to care for and maintain the structure and surrounding land to preserve the fellowship's investment for use by current and future members.  The team assists with custodial and janitorial services; landscaping, gardening and grounds maintenance; and building repair, preventive and regular maintenance and management.  Ad hoc teams will form to support specific property and building improvements, such as building aesthetics, gardening and playground planning. 


Effective communication is important to AUUF operations and programs. The Communications Team helps AUUF staff to inform members, friends, neighbors and the public about AUUF and its programs. Outreach to external audiences is done via the internet (web site and social media), media (calendar announcements, newspaper ads, etc.) and other public relations activity. Internal communications rely on newsletters, email, brochures/flyers, web site and mail. 


The Finance Committee works with the board and committee/team chairs to develop a budget each year and to consider short- to long-term financial planning for capital and operational needs. The Board Treasurer works closely and is typically a member of the Finance Team. 

Family Ministry - Religious Exploration

The vision of Lifespan Religious Exploration is to provide a nurturing community where people develop personally, spiritually and ethically; and where we instill a passion for a life long journey of learning and exploring the great mysteries.  As a family ministry, RE programs are aimed at every stage of our lifespan, from young children to adult. AUUF looks for volunteers to help in the classroom, to teach, to mentor and to support many RE programs.

Human Resources

This committee is comprised of members who have professional expertise in the area of Human Resources, Personnel Management or Labor Policies and Practices.  The committee assists the AUUF Board with staff benefits, compensation, policies, procedures and other personnel issues.

Safer Congregation

The fellowship seeks to be a safe and welcoming place. Toward that end, the Safer Congregation team  works with AUUF leadership (Board + Minister) to develop policy and procedures to address allegations of misconduct  and other safety concerns. AUUF looks for team volunteers who have a background in counseling or law.


The Stewardship Committee works with the membership to fulfill a sustainable operating budget that can support prioritized programs, staffing and supplies. This committee also considers future funding mechanisms that allow for sufficient program, operations and capital planning. Subcommittees include Planned Giving and Chalice Lighter. 


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