AUUF Annual Fund and Pledging

Be Our Champion - 2020

Members and friends in the AUUF community embrace a commitment to volunteering their time and talents, contributing gifts, and pledging their support. Pledges from AUUF members and friends make up 80-90% of the fellowship's Annual Fund budget to support daily operations, including basic facility upkeep, utilities, staff, program supplies and equipment, and Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT). The graphs below show how AUUF raises and spends operating funds. 

The 2019 pledge drive included a fun evening with a Harry Potter theme: Sparking Magic Together.  The 2020 pledge campaign in March -- Be Our Champion -- is inspired by the 2020 Olympic Games (and, perhaps, some Freddy Mercury!). Details are shared in mailings, newsletters and bulletins, and email blasts.

How much should you pledge?

AUUF's fiscal year is July 1 - June 30. To prepare a fiscally responsible budget, the annual stewardship drive is conducted in February and March, when members and friends are asked to confirm their pledge amount for the coming year, using this form (Must be downloaded to become a fillable PDF or MS Word file):

How much should you pledge?  

Pledging is a function of commitment and resources.  Commitment relates to the role AUUF plays in a person's spiritual and intellectual life, and the importance a person assigns to AUUF programs and services.  Pledging levels are also based on a person's circumstances and financial resources.  The Suggested Fair Share Contribution Guide outlines several levels of commitment and associated giving as a percentage of adjusted income.

While we do ask friends and members to give what they can, AUUF welcomes everyone regardless of contribution.  


Note: If you contribute your pledge payment by placing it in the offering basket, please be sure to mark the memo line on the check as "PLEDGE"  or put money in a sealed envelope clearly marked as PLEDGE. Otherwise, it is considered a donation to the Half Portion for Social Justice. 

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