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Every February, the Stewardship Committee launches the pledge drive to raise committed funds for the next fiscal year, which begins July 1st. At the same time, the Finance Committee is developing a proposed budget for the coming year to provide the financial base for all that AUUF wants to be and do. The budget is pass at the annual meeting of the members in early of May, where adjustments might occur based on pledges made in February and other anticipated income and expenses. 


​Our logo and theme this year, “Stronger Together”, is that by being together, we are stronger as individuals and as a community. Last January, a fellowship-wide survey was conducted, with over 60% of the respondents valuing most the sense of community, friendship, and support that they receive (and give) as part of AUUF. In order to continue to have our building to meet in and staff be a base for the wide variety of activities that provide and build those relationships, we need a steady source of reliable income. That comes from all of us. 


Members and friends in the AUUF community embrace a commitment to volunteering their time and talents, contributing gifts, and pledging their support. Pledges from AUUF members and friends make up around 75% of the fellowship's budget to support daily operations, including basic facility upkeep, utilities, staff, program supplies, technology, and payment on our construction loan. The chart below shows the breakdown of our expenses into the 4 major categories. 


Throughout February you will be seeing short videos from a few of our members about what AUUF means to them and why they financially support us.


 You will read in Today At Your Fellowship (TAYF) short articles about our pledge drive and see on the colorful chart the rising line of pledges as we move toward our goal. If you haven’t returned your pledge form within the first few weeks, you will be receiving an email, text, or phone call reminder. 


Our last day of the pledge drive is on Sunday, February 26. We’ll celebrate with lunch after the 11 am service and enjoy each other’s company over lasagna, salad, and cake. Please plan to join us!


The pledge form, which is in a fillable PDF format, can be downloaded here. When completed, email to, mail it to AUUF, 2824 E. 18th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 95508, or drop it in the secure black box on the wall in the copier work room. 


How much should you pledge? Pledging is a function of commitment and resources. Commitment relates to the role AUUF plays in a person’s spiritual and intellectual life, and the importance a person assigns to AUUF programs and services. Pledging levels are also based on a person’s circumstances and financial resources. The Suggested Fair Share Contribution Guide outlines several levels of commitment and associated giving as a percentage of adjusted income. 


While we do ask friends and members to give what they can, AUUF welcomes everyone regardless of contribution.

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