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Chalice Lighter Program

The Pacific Northwest District (PNWD) of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) assists member congregations (including AUUF) with grants to help underwrite growth initiatives. Examples include facility improvements, technology upgrades, membership outreach programs, establishing a new congregation, professional religious leadership and other advancement efforts. 


In order for a congregation to be eligible to receive a grant, at least 30% of its members must be enrolled as Chalice Lighters.  AUUF has met that threshold, and in fact, our fellowship received a Chalice Lighter grant in 2015.  The grant helped to underwrite a new energy-efficient boiler for our building. We are now working to get a 2019 grant focusing on accessibility improvements such as ramp and safe risers so all can participate in worship and other activities.

PNWD Chalice Lighter grants are funded entirely by individual contributions. People who enroll in the Chalice Lighter program will receive no more than three "call" contacts per year, each asking for a donation of at least $20. The minimum financial commitment is just $60 per year. 


Visit the PNWD web site to find more information about the Chalice Lighter program.


To become a Chalice Lighter, enroll online.

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