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September Sunday Services:
Sunday Worship and The Forum 

See our calendar to stay updated. Subject to change.  
Find Zoom links here Sunday @Zoom.

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The Forum Live at AUUF & on Zoom 

9:00 am Sunday, September 3, 2023

From Outer Space to Inner Space

Dr. Robert Alexander

As a NASA Fellow, Dr. Robert Alexander collaborated with scientists at the Goddard Space Flight Center to transform our understanding of the sun and solar wind through auditory data analysis, leading to numerous publications in the field of space physics. By day he is the co-founder and CEO of Auralab Technologies Inc. whose Breathscape app supports deep meditative states by transforming breath into music through biofeedback. By night he infuses music with solar data and works with the NASA-funded HARP team to bring the captivating sounds of the Themis satellite to citizen scientists around the globe. 

Sunday Worship  

11:00 am Sunday, September 3, 2023

UUA General Assembly Worship

Rev. Mishra-Marzetti & Rev. Sherry

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Virtual Forum ONLY ON ZOOM

9:00 am Sunday, September 10, 2023

The Shaky State of the State

Larry Persily           

Larry Persily has worked in journalism and public service in Alaska for more than 45 years, growing ever more cynical over time. He currently owns the weekly newspaper in Wrangell, assists other Southeast weekly newspapers and writes opinion columns for the Anchorage Daily News in the delusional hope that people will read them, rise up and tell their elected officials: "Tax me!"

Sunday Worship  

11:00 am Sunday, September 10, 2023

Healing Waters

Rev. Lise Sherry, Renee Frost

Remember to bring water from someplace that nurtured you this summer.  The water can be from a fun experience, a meditative experience, a fun memory--whatever might have fed your soul.  We'll combine all our waters together as a symbol of how we gather together to care, comfort, and encourage one another.

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The Forum In Person at AUUF & on ZOOM

9:00 am Sunday, September 17, 2023

Crimes and Cover-ups

Andrew Halcro 

Andrew Halcro currently hosts a blog on politics, life and entertainment called “With All Due Respect.”  He served two terms as a Republican member of the Alaska House of Representatives from 1998 to 2002 and was a candidate for governor and mayor. He is currently Chairman of the Board of Avis Rent a Car of Alaska, one of the state’s oldest and most successful family-owned businesses. He became president of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce in 2012, and served as executive director of the Anchorage Community Development Authority from 2015 until 2021. 

Sunday Worship

11:00 am Sunday, September 17, 2023

The Radical Welcome of the Beatitudes

Rev. Lise Sherry, Cassie Thomas

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Virtual Forum on Zoom only

9:00 am Sunday, September 24, 2023

Eating Disorders: In the News for a Reason

Beth Rose and Jenny Loudon, co-founders of Alaska Eating Disorders Alliance

Beth Rose is co-founder and Board Chair of Alaska Eating Disorders Alliance. She is a lifelong Alaskan with more than 30 years of non-profit management, fund development, public relations, finance skills, and strategic planning. She is passionate about her work with AKEDA and its outreach to partners around the state to improve awareness of eating disorders, support for individuals and families, and access to evidence-based treatment. Beth is an active member of the Collaborative for Eating Disorders Organizations and is involved with the national advocacy group Eating Disorders Coalition. Her career prior to co-founding AKEDA included serving as the Alaska Community Foundation Vice President of Philanthropy and Communications and the UAA Assistant Vice Chancellor for Development. In addition to serving on the board, Beth is an avid photographer.



Jenny Loudon is co-founder and Vice Chair of the Board of Alaska Eating Disorders Alliance. She is a health policy and management consultant with over 20 years of experience with Alaskan non-profits working to improve services through grant writing, data analysis and reporting, budget development and monitoring, project management, and group facilitation. She brings significant training and experience in public health policy and management and has an MPA from the University of Washington with a focus on health policy and management. Jenny is an active member of the Collaborative for Eating Disorders Organizations and is involved with the national advocacy group Eating Disorders Coalition and the International Academy for Eating Disorders.

Sunday Worship Live at AUUF only 

11:00 am Sunday, September 24, 2023

Fun and Games at AUUF


  Not going to Fall Frolic? All right, then! Do join Worship Associates Joyce and Lauren at AUUF Sunday the 24th for our own 'frolic' through some deep things and some funny things, all perfectly Unitarian! ANNNND... if you have a favorite (clean) joke or two to share, bring them along to share aloud. See you here!



Forum Planning

Each week, the 9:00 a.m. Sunday Forum features speakers from the fellowship and the community. Speakers discuss wide range of timely and educational topics.  The Forum service requires significant planning and coordination to develop topics, find suitable presenters, and invite and coordinate speakers. If you have a suggestion for future forums, contact the Forum Speaker Facilitator using the contact form at right. Please provide as much information as possible for follow up:

  1. Possible Forum topic(s)

  2. Why you think this topic would be of interest to the fellowship

  3. Potential speakers for the topic

  4. Contact information for potential speaker / presenter(s)

  5. Your contact information for any follow up questions

Your details were sent successfully!

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