Sunday Services:  Worship and Forum Planning

Sunday Virtual Forum On ZOOM

Sunday Worship - 1st Sunday of the Month Live at AUUF only. Remaining Sunday Worship on

Zoom with Zoom watch party live at AUUF. 

See our calendar to stay updated. Subject to change. 

Sunday @Zoom

Upcoming Worship & Forum 


Working in teams, members and friends of the fellowship play a key role in developing and enriching our regular 9am. Speaker's Forum and 11am  Worship services on Sundays.

Worship Associates

AUUF's weekly worship services ― 11am on Sunday ― involve the support of Worship Associates who help lead the program. In close coordination with the Minister, these lay leaders help plan worship service programs.  They welcome the fellowship, present inspirational readings, and keep the program on time and on track. Worship Associates receive training in worship arts. 

Music and Choir

AUUF worship services are greatly enhanced by upbeat music and the voices of a volunteer choir. People interested in joining the choir or sharing their musical talent should contact Music Director Megan Webb  by calling 248-3737 ext. 6, or find Megan after any 11:00am. Sunday service. 


Audio/Visual Support Request

Service, Forum and other event planners must request audio and visual support in advance.  Support includes the projector and sound system in the Sanctuary. Please complete the AUUF Sound / Projection Request form at least one week prior to the event. 

Forum Planning

Each week, the 9:00 a.m. Sunday Forum features speakers from the fellowship and the community. Speakers discuss wide range of timely and educational topics.  The Forum service requires significant planning and coordination to develop topics, find suitable presenters, and invite and coordinate speakers. If you have a suggestion for future forums, contact the Forum Speaker Facilitator using the contact form at right. Please provide as much information as possible for follow up:

  1. Possible Forum topic(s)

  2. Why you think this topic would be of interest to the fellowship

  3. Potential speakers for the topic

  4. Contact information for potential speaker / presenter(s)

  5. Your contact information for any follow up questions

Your details were sent successfully!

Speaker's Forum


The Speaker's Forum is held each Sunday morning from 9:00 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. in the upper level Sanctuary of the AUUF facilty.  Forum topics often address and spur dialogue about a current local community, statewide, national or international issue. Some forums feature a local author and the topic of the author's new book, or a representative of a local non-governmental organization (NGO) describing the organization’s work, programs and accomplishments. 


Typical Forum Agenda


Welcome - Moderator / Lay Leader


Introduction of Speaker

Speaker's message

Offering Collection

Discussion - Q&A

Closing Remarks

Worship Services


Worship services are held each Sunday morning from 11:00 a.m. to about 12:15 p.m. 

Typical Sunday Service Agenda


Gathering Hymn

Call to Worship


Prelude by Music Director or Choir

Opening Words

Chalice Lighting

Opening Hymn

Time for all Ages (once per month)

Joys and Concerns - Pebbles in a Bowl or Light Candles

Offertory Music and Offering

Meditation Hymn or Musical Reflection by Music Director

Reflective Reading by Worship Associate

Message (Minister, Lay Leader or Guest)

Closing Hymn

Closing Words

Sending the Flame sung by All, holding hands

Post-service Conversation in the Social Room


Special Services


Special services are generally planned during the calendar year: 


Homecoming - September

Welcoming the congregation from summer travels, kicking off the new school year. 


Pet Blessing Sunday - October

A blessing of pets (that may be) brought to the service. 


All Souls Sunday - October / November

A remembrance of family and friends who have passed away. 


Holiday Services - December
  • Winter Solstice service includes song, ritual and a celebration of Winter

  • Christmas Eve is a special service including traditional song, readings and generally a pageant performed by children and adults. 



Private Services


The fellowship facility hosts a number of private services, ceremonies and celebrations that mark major life events for AUUF members, friends, guests and other interested parties. Depending upon the service, AUUF staff and volunteers may offer support, such as officiating, music, and logistical coordination. Examples of private services include: 

  • Wedding / Marriage Ceremonies

  • Post-Wedding / Marriage Celebrations and Receptions

  • Child Dedication 

  • Celebration of Life / Funeral


Contact the AUUF office to discuss dates, arrangements, and fellowship support and participation.  For private services and receptions involving AUUF members and friends, The Alliance group may provide additional support.