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About Our Anchorage UU Fellowship


While Anchorage is Alaska's largest city, the urban setting is surrounded by wild lands and often shared with wildlife, such as the prolific moose that frequent our streets, and that serve as daily reminders to seek harmony with the environment.  Information about our unique urban setting abounds from our local visitor's bureau, Visit Anchorage.  


Likewise, the Anchorage Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (AUUF) promotes a balance between life's daily demands and spiritual well-being that members and friends seek as a congregation of liberal religion. 


AUUF is a self-governing UU congregation, accredited by the national Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and a member in good standing of the  Pacific Northwest District (PNWD), which includes Alaska, Washington and Oregon. 

AUUF Vision:

Diverse beliefs - common purpose


AUUF Mission:  

We are a Fellowship of diverse people who come together to nurture each other, to grow ethically, spiritually and intellectually, and to help create a just, safe and caring community.

AUUF Covenant:



We seek to be an open and welcoming community.

We strive to listen deeply and speak with one another and to our larger community with consideration and respect.

We hold each of us and all of this amazing world worthy of our attention, compassion and care.

Together we are Anchorage Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.  


Guiding Words

Organization and Governance


AUUF is governed by a 7-member Board of Directors who are elected by the voting membership to serve three-year terms.  The board considers and develops policy and has a fiduciary duty to the fellowship. 


The AUUF Staff carry out the day-to-day operations of the organization, including Ministry oversight (Minister), Religious Education Program (RE Director and Youth Coordinator); office administration (Church Administrator), building maintenance and janitorial (Building & Grounds Manager), music (Music Director and Choir Director), outreach and volunteer coordination (Volunter Coordinator). 


Staff and leadership are assisted by dozens of volunteers whose work is coordinated and carried out by committees and ministry teams. Committees report to the Board of Directors and carry out functions related to administration, finance and leadership.  Ministry Teams report to the Ministery and these groups carry out the fellowship mission in terms of social justice and enviromental issues and activities, pastoral care, service programs, and small group gatherings. 


Anchorage UU Fellowship Organizational Chart:  Graphical representation of governance, groups and reporting.


Anchorage UU Fellowship Bylaws:  Formal organizational document outlining the fellowship's purpose, affiliation, membership, governance, leadership and staff responsibilities. 

Safer Congregations

All adults and students participating at the Anchorage UU Fellowship and in the Religious Exploration programs agree to foster an atmosphere of respect and learning by living by our principles:

  • We respect ourselves, our fellow students, and our teachers;

  • We are fair and kind to each other;

  • We accept and learn about one another;

  • We come to Sunday Services and RE classrooms with an open mind, ready to learn;

  • We take turns speaking and make sure everyone has a chance to be heard;

  • We work and play as a team;

  • We care for our classroom, our supplies, and the grounds.

All Religious Education leaders have undergone background checks.


In case of fire drill or emergency, all students and teachers walk behind the school to the Congregational Church. Parents will sign out their children there.


It is unsafe for anyone to sit or climb on the railings or to run or behave boisterously in the Multi-Purpose Room. Parents are responsible for supervising their child's behavior. Everyone at the fellowship -- members, friends and guests -- are responsible for following and enforcing safety rules.


Child Care Providers will supervise the outdoor play areas after class until 15 minutes after class ends.


Children sometimes make a joyful noise when it is least expected. We accept them as they are, we support them as they learn how to be in community, and we offer sincere empathy to parents.

Safe Congregations Policies and Principles

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