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In line with Unitarian Universalist values, the Anchorage UU Fellowship promotes knowledge as a catalyst for understanding and tolerance. Accepting and respecting diverse beliefs and cultures begins early and is founded in our robust Religious Exploration (RE) programs for children, youth and adults.   


As a family ministry, RE programs are aimed at every stage of our lifespan.  

Religious Exploration for Children and Youth


Who, What When and Where


Who: 100+ young people (age 1 year through high school) annually enroll in classes and programs led by volunteer teaching teams with support from a Director of Lifespan Religious Exploration (DLRE). 

What:  They explore religious ideas through exciting themed activities, seasonal festivities, social service projects and classroom curricula emphasizing our UU heritage ―  world religions, peace and social justice. 

When: During the regular school year (mid-September to early May), a full RE program with age-grouped classes is offered during the 11 a.m. service. During the summer months, children engage in cross-age programs.

Where:  Usually begin by gathering in Room 5 downstairs, before proceeding to classrooms. Children sometimes begin upstairs, joining the 11 a.m. service in the Sanctuary for about 15 minutes, before proceeding to classrooms. Updated signs in stairwells indicate where children begin. 

What you need to know about our RE programs


Sunday Classes

  Classroom Curricula
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Where do we go?

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Beyond Classrooms

Multi-generational Programs

(Fall Folic, Stay-n-Play + more)

Social Action Activities

(Spring Fling, Soup Sunday + more)

Extra-Curricular Programs

(Peace Camp, Scouting + more)

Our Whole Lives (OWL)
(Sexuality Education for all ages)


RE Resources

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Child Care

During Services

During the regular school year (mid-September to early May), AUUF offers childcare for children ages 1-12  to enable parents to attend the Sunday 9 a.m. Speaker's Forum service. During the summer, childcare is not available for the 9 a.m. service, however, childcare is available during the 11 a.m. service.

Supporting AUUF Events

Childcare is also frequently available during annual fellowship events and other AUUF-sponsored activities to allow adults to take part in these programs. 


Childcare Provider Opportunities

We welcome youth over age 14 and adults to apply to be a paid childcare provider. Contact the Director of Lifespan Religious Exploration.