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Parent Resources


How Parents Can Help Build a Caring Community

AUUF strives to ensure religious exploration classrooms are places where children feel valued, secure and competent.  Parents are asked to let the RE staff and teachers know about their child's particular strengths and challenges, so that we can better meet their needs and offer special opportunities to shine.    

  1. Introduce yourself! Teachers would also like to get to know parents of the children they teach.  Please feel welcome to stop in, check out the curriculum, observe, participate or offer help. 

  2. Arrive on time and come regularly!  We realize that families cannot come to church every Sunday, but consistent attendance increases a child’s comfort level in the program and helps them develop friendships among the children.

  3. Meet other families with children of the same ages. Arrange play dates or fun times together. This will benefit your family and add to your child’s comfort level when at church. 

  4. Make a financial contribution and commitment to the annual pledge drive. This provides funds for the ongoing development and operations of the programs and the many other costs inherent in keeping the Fellowship doors open.

  5. Spend time at AUUF.  Join in activities and celebrations.  Participate in Social Justice projects. These are fulfilling ways to get to know new people and have some family fun at the same time!

  6. Actions speak louder than words! Let your children know how important this caring community is in your lives. If you value and prioritize church life, it will become an important community in your child’s life. 



UU Things to Do at Home

Remember, we see each child at church for little more than one hour each week.  That’s equivalent to about 8 school days!  Parents are their child’s most significant religious educator and role model.  A child’s religious exploration continues at home and parent involvement enhances their spiritual journey. 

  • Parent pages may come home each week, relating the themes and activities in your child’s class, and offering ideas to extend the topic at home.

  • Read stories related to the theme.

  • Discuss the RE class experience and theme.

  • Sing favorite RE songs.

  • Light a candle or your family chalice for reflective moments.

  • Share your personal religious ideas with your child.

  • Talk about why you are a UU family.

  • Build anticipation for fellowship activities, especially the Family & Friends Game Nights.

  • Post a copy of the 7 Principles in your home and acknowledge their influence on your daily life.

  • Share these “7 Principles daily experiences” at dinner

  • Get together with RE friends outside of Sunday.

  • Check out a UU website.



AUUF RE Library

Our RE spaces include a lending library with books chosen to illustrate and support our UU principles and their application. The AUUF RE Library is located in the RE Staff Office downstairs at the fellowship. Parents and children are welcome to browse and borrow these books. All RE curricula are also available for parent examination. Check out procedures are based on an honor system and posted on the bookshelves. Please note titles of any books that you take home and the date they are borrowed.



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