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Shellie Gooden


Hello! My name is Shellie Gooden (she/her). I am feeling very blessed to be part of AUUF, and part of a community that shares my passion for life, faith, and social justice. I reside near Jewel Lake with 2 of my sons and youngest daughter. I am a mom of 6, a former military wife, and a classroom teacher by profession. I moonlight as a Girl Scout Leader and baker. If it involves kids, books, or a rally - sign me up and I will see you there! We are only in our second year living in Alaska, although I have tried my whole life to be here! I am older and achier now, but never spent much time indoors if I could avoid it - and growing up in Denver, we avoided it a lot. Thank you all so much for having me. Thank you for all the amazing things that you are doing in the world.

-Shellie Gooden


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