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The Annual Congregation Meeting 

10 am May 1, 2022

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Meeting ID: 813 2858 5617
Passcode: 136167

Dial by your location
        +1 346 248 7799

PILOT Offering This Sunday

This Sunday at the Annual Meeting, we will have a special offering that goes 100% to PILOT, Payment In Lieu of Taxes. Please bring cash, checks, or make your donation online, using the "Offering - Half Portion" option and writing "PILOT" in the comments. The presentation of the check to the Assembly is on June 7. Thank you!

To prepare for the Annual Meeting, please click on the documents listed in the agenda below to read and understand what we'll be voting on.

AUUF Annual Mtg Minutes 2021-05-02 (Updated Dec 2022)

Call to Meeting





President's Report

Covenant of Healthy Relations

Endowment Report 2022

Proposed Endowment changes 2022

Nominating Committee Report

AUUF Treasurer's Interim Report

AUUF FY23 Proposed Budget

Mission, Vision, Covenant


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