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Here's the page with our current principles.

Final Proposed Revision to Article II

It's finally here! The final proposed revision to UUA Bylaws Article II! What's this? It is the article in our bylaws where we have our current principles (the inherent worth and dignity . . . interdependent web of all existence . . . ). According to our bylaws, we also have to reconsider our principles every 15 years. A first draft of the revision was sent out to congregations in the fall of 2022 followed by opportunities to discuss the proposal online. At General Assembly (GA) 2023 we discussed and voted on many, many amendments followed by a vote to accept the revisions with the approved amendments. Now, the Article II Commission has made the Final Proposed Revision "pretty" and it's up for discussion again. If anyone wants to make amendments, they need to be submitted to the Commission by Feb. 1, 2024.


Here's a link to the final revision.


Some of the things I like about this revision are that it retains some of the old language from our seven principles, it brings accountability into the statement, the values are an easier way to describe our movement when giving an "elevator speech" (i.e. describing what UUs "believe" while riding from the 1st to 6th floor in a building), and having a graphic that shows our values surrounding love also provides another inroad for those who do better with visuals. What do you think? I look forward to our conversation!

Blessings, Rev. Lise

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