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Multi-generational Programs

In a normal year, below are the wonderful activities that you might participate in. But for now, Fellowship Activities at the building are on hold. The CYRE Team will announce some possible outdoor family activities to happen during the Fall and Winter.


The Anchorage UU Fellowship incorporates a number of programs and activities that promote fun and meaningful interaction among all ages. These multi-generational programs range from special Sunday worship services, to all-age events, to activities that build our fellowship community, to social action programs that assist and comfort others in need.

Community Building Activities

Program or Activity
Description and Links
When it Happens

Soup Sunday

Immediately following the 11 a.m. service, a soup-based lunch is hosted by an RE class, whose students and parents bring various soups, breads and desserts. The meal is just $5, and funds raised are donated to a service organization or social justice project chosen by the class. 

Upcoming for Fall 2022:

Oct 16

Nov 20

Dec 11

12:30 pm after service

Mystery Pals


Young children are paired with a "secret" adult who sends weekly messages with info/clues about themselves. Children may send messages to pals. Over 6 weeks, notes and cards are exchanged by mail and a message center at the fellowship.  Pals are revealed at an afternoon party concluding the program.

February – April

every other year.

Next Mystery Pals
is early March to

mid-April 2023

Animal Sunday


Members and friends bring their well-behaved pets (or a photo or other representation). This beloved service honors our animal family members and friends Pets have ranged from dogs and cats, to song and land birds, to pigs, guinea pigs, rabbits, gerbils, goats and more.



Sept or early Oct

Fall Frolic



All ages gather at Kings Lake Camp in Wasilla, to enjoy autumn colors, a lovely lake, heated cabins (or your own RV or tent), hiking, water play, traditional camping activities, crafts, indoor and outdoor recreation, and shared meals.



Late September

Winter Fest


This all-ages pre-holiday ornament party is held in conjunction with a Soup Sunday, immediately following teh 11 a.m. service. The event features December holiday crafts and ornament making, from simple to elaborate. Family and friends also decorate the fellowship Christmas tree. 

Early December

After Service

12:30 - 3 pm

Social Action for Families

Program or Activity
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When it Happens

Guest at Your Table


UU Service Committee holiday fundraiser to promote rights of women and indigenous peoples. Families "feed" money into a collection box (the guest) at meals. Suggested activities add fun. AUUF collects boxes / funds to send to UUSC. Youth with $10+ and adults with $40+ earn UUSC membership. 

Holiday Season

mid-November to mid-January

Mitten Tree


Families make or buy new / nearly new mittens, scarves or socks and bring them to AUUF during Winter Fest, when the hats and mittens decorate a special Mitten Tree.  Mid-December the items are donated to a local charitable organizations serving families in need. All sizes are welcome. 



Tree decoration early December.

Spring Fling

Families donate small trinkets, craft kits, tiny toys, plastic eggs and wrapped candy.  Children / youth use these goodies to build up to 100 Easter baskets that are delivered to local charitable organizations serving families in crisis and/or without homes (i.e., Safe Harbor, Clare House or McKinnell House).   


Collection during March through Easter. RE classes build baskets on Easter.

Social Action
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