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Adult Programs for
Learning & Exploration

Small Groups, Chalice Circles, Covenant Circles...

Connect with other adults in the congregation for enriching discussion and deep listening. 

Some groups follow a structure or curriculum, like Soul Matters, below. Others bring their own topics and discussions tailored to the interests of the group. Let us know if you are interested in participating or leading a Chalice Circle!

Groups starting both in person and online Oct 2022!


The Soul Matters Sharing Circle is a network of Unitarian Universalist congregations who follow the same monthly themes so we can more easily share small group material, as well as worship, sermon, music and children’s religious education resources. In 2019, AUUF joined this web of support and connection, and now we travel a new journey together each month.

Example: 2021-2022 Monthly Themes
and Packets

​What Does It Mean to be a People of…

September:  Embracing Possibility
October:  Cultivating Relationship

November:  Holding History
December:  Opening to Joy
January:  Living with Intention
February:  Widening the Circle
March:  Renewing Faith 
April: Awakening
May:  Nurturing Beauty
June:  Celebrating Blessings

Learn more on the Soul Matters website

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