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UU the Vote: We’re Almost There!

Thank you for joining us during this election season marathon and for voting our values at this critical time. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind if you haven’t yet voted:

  • Early voting in Anchorage is on-going at The Midtown (Sears) Mall and City Hall.

  • The deadline to apply for an absentee ballot is tomorrow, Saturday, Oct. 24.

  • Mail-in ballots should be mailed immediately, since all ballots must be postmarked by Election Day, Nov. 3.

  • In Anchorage, you also may place your ballot in a secure drop box at:


Division of Elections, 2525 Gambell Street

City Hall

O’Malley’s on the Green

Begich Middle School


Need Help? If you need someone to drop off your ballot, need a ride to vote early or anticipate needing a ride to vote in-person on Election Day, please contact Michele Champion at or 907.341.9249. Your UU the Vote Team is ready to help.

Our voices may never be as important as in this November’s election.  Your UU the Vote Team is working to be sure you know how to cast your ballot, when various deadlines are and how to reach out for help as needed. We’re also contacting other faith-based groups who share our values to see how we can support each other in getting out the vote. Members of our team will call you soon to be sure you’re on track for November and to offer needed assistance. 

Following are key dates to remember as you look toward the November election:

Last day to register or update your voter information                        Oct 4

Absentee ballots start to be mailed out in Alaska                              Oct 9

Early voting starts (in person sites/ballot drop off)                              Oct 19

Last day to apply for “by mail” absentee ballot                                  Oct 24

Last day to register to vote for President only                                     Oct 24

Last day to apply for “by electronic” absentee ballot                          Nov. 2

Election Day: Alaska polls  open 7 am to 8 pm                                   Nov. 3

Prop 2, Ranked choice voting & other changes to election laws...

By Marty Freeman


I consulted with John McKay, who chaired the Forum on Prop 2 at the AUUF a few weeks ago. We both settled on the same reference, a link to Ballotpedia that includes a summary, a link to the full text, key supporters and opponents and arguments from both sides.,_Top-Four_Ranked-Choice_Voting_and_Campaign_Finance_Laws_Initiative_(2020)

John also noted that the podcast from the AUUF Forum is available on our website at:


The speakers at the Forum both invited folks to get in touch with them and could provide more information on their perspectives. Here are their contacts:


Shea Siegert :   

Leighan Gonzales : 907-538-5900



Lastly, Alaska Common Ground will be hosting another forum on this issue October 14, 7:00-9:00 p.m. Check out their website for details at

Questions? Contact Michele Champion

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