Annual Meeting June 7th 10am-12pm

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Annual Meeting Overview 

The Annual Congregational Meeting of the Anchorage Unitarian Universalist Fellowship will be held electronically via Zoom on Sunday, June 7 at 10:00 AM. To be eligible to vote at the meeting, you must have been a member of AUUF for 30 days prior to the meeting. 

Please attend!


We are a member-led, democratic organization with important issues to discuss and decide. We will be voting on next year’s budget, elect members to the Board, approve changes to the Endowment Fund Plan of Operation, and approve a loan that will convert to a grant. These decisions determine the ways AUUF lives its values each year. Be an informed participant! Because of the current social distancing mandate, the meeting will be held virtually using the computer program Zoom.

If you know of someone who will not be able to participate in the annual meeting because it is being held on Zoom, please contact us. We can help.  Call the office 248-3737 or Stephanie Koonz 744-2428.

Annual Meeting Materials 

Did you miss the Annual Meeting Materials? (Sent by email on May 7) Email Kelly Spring at to get a copy. 

Zoom 5.0 Update Required Most of us are connecting using a Zoom client (also known as the Zoom app ). All Zoom operations require Zoom client version 5.0 or greater as of May 30th. The update can be obtained here.

Visit this link to register for the Annual Meeting

You must preregister to participate in the Annual Meeting. Please register as soon as possible.  A day or so after your registration is submitted, you will receive an email from the registrar, Kalen Saxton, at Please set your email rules so that this email will not be sorted as junk mail. This email provides your custom link to join the meeting. Each member must register separately. We encourage each member to login on a separate device to allow everyone to exercise their right to vote. Please read more on this topic below.

The meeting actually starts at 10am, but Zoom will accept your connection beginning at 8am. This will give everyone time to sort out login problems before 10am. You can connect and reconnect as you like. We will not be able to support people preregistering or testing out their login for the first time, after 9:30 am on Sunday. Our member support team will be available at the phone numbers below and 907-248-3737. 

We need  a quorum of about 50 or we can not conduct any legal business and have to do it again.

Testing Dates 

To make sure everybody can participate in the annual meeting, we are having practice sessions where members can join and vote just like in the actual annual meeting.

Practice Sessions are Casual

You can drop-in/drop-out as you like. The 4:30-6:30pm window is provided to allow members to join when they want. We'll be running polling (voting) when we get enough attendees so members can practice voting and seeing the results. If you are a couple planning to use one device, it will be a good opportunity to practice disconnection/re-connection so each member can vote (see below). Attendees can practice joining the meeting, viewing the list of participants, raising their hand to be recognized by the chair, using the chat function if needed, un-muting/muting their microphone, and voting.

Thursday June 4, 4:30 - 6:30 pm


To participate in the practice, please pre-register.  Registration for the actual annual meeting will be a repeat of this process. Clicking on the link above will lead to an identification process and an approval request sent to our registrar, Kalen Saxton. After approval, Kalen will respond with an email containing a link to join the practice meeting. The link will only be valid for this one meeting for this one person.

We are supporting Zoom connection via laptop (PC or Mac), iPad, iPhone, and other smart phones as possible. These are referred to as supported "devices". Each member will need to join the meeting with a separate device. So a household of two members with just one computer might connect with the computer for joint viewing, but also connect with a cell phone. One vote would be cast from each device. This process begins with each member pre-registering using any device. The important thing is that there will be one device connected for each member during a zoom meeting. If this is difficult to arrange, please feel free to contact Stephanie below.


Tech support -If you need technical assistance in using Zoom, Kayla Wagenfehr can be reached at
Please note that Kayla will not be available on the day of the annual meeting. She is only available before June 7.

Questions? Lost your pre-registration email? What to do if you only have one email address?

Call the office 248-3737 or Stephanie Koonz 744-2428.


Couples using one device
This actually applies to any two members using just one device to connect to the Zoom meeting. Each registered member will have received a confirmation email with a custom link. Voting will be held open about 2 minutes. This is long enough for a person to Vote, Leave the Meeting, reconnect using the second Confirmation, and Vote. Please come to a practice session and rehearse this tricky task.


Using two devices beside each other
Please note that if you have multiple devices connected, you should only join the audio portion of the meeting on one of those devices. This will prevent horrible feedback and weird echoing sounds, but still allow both members to vote. To leave the audio portion while remaining logged in, use the arrow tool to the right of your “mute” button. Please come to a practice session and rehearse this tricky task.


Friends of the Fellowship
Friends of the Fellowship have always been welcome at our annual meetings. They did not have voting rights and did not have voting placards but they were welcome to participate in the discussion and social time afterward. We will accept registration and participation of Friends in the meeting, but Friends will be ushered into the Waiting Room during the actual voting.


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