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Interested in meeting in AUUF?
Here is a Link to our Building Use Protocols. Contact staff if you wish to proceed.

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AUUF is OPEN but CAUTION is advised

AUUF Worship Services on June 20th and 27th will be open for in-person attendance. UUFF will be hosting AUUF services during July on Zoom. In-person services will resume in August if COVID cases do not surge in the meantime. 


The Forum will gather in person again beginning in September if COVID cases do not surge in the meantime.


All AUUF Services and Forums will also be offered on Zoom for the foreseeable future. 


Small groups have begun meeting in our building. Yours may too if you make arrangements with our Administrator to meet in the building and agree to adhere to our Building Use Protocols.


Hospitalizations and deaths related to COVID have been reduced by close to 95% for folks who are vaccinated. But vaccinated folks can still catch COVID, they are just very unlikely to need hospitalization.  The best news is that the CDC has acknowledged there is very little chance of contracting COVID when you are OUTSIDE (not to be confused with the lower 48)


Unfortunately, however, the emerging COVID Delta mutation has produced a significant increase in hospitalizations in the U.K. with its relatively high proportion of vaccinated folks 12 & up (UK: 1st shot: 62%, 2nd shot: 45% vs. Anchorage: 1st shot: 57%, 2nd Shot: 51%).  

“Covid-19 cases are rising exponentially across England driven by younger and mostly unvaccinated age groups...infections increased by 50% between 3 May and 7 June, coinciding with the rise of the Delta coronavirus variant that is now dominant in the UK.” (Guardian 210616)


“The Delta variant is by far the most contagious variant of this virus we have seen in the entire pandemic,” Dr. Ashish Jha said yesterday. “The good news is the data suggests that, if you’ve been fully vaccinated, you remain protected, that the vaccines hold up.” (NYT 210614)


DELTA  just slipped into Alaska (2 cases) and has yet to catch on in Anchorage. But, as you already know, many folks hereabouts are unvaccinated, maskless, and out and about without a care in the World. So CAUTION is advised when in enclosed spaces with folks you do not know well.


While AUUF has made masks optional for small groups in which everyone indicates they are vaccinated, AUUF protocols state that masks must be worn when unvaccinated children are present and are advisable at all times. Immunocompromised individuals may not be fully protected by the vaccines and, therefore, should exercise an abundance of caution.


I hope to see the three-dimensional you real soon.

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