Virtual Auction, Virtual Gathering

LOG Nov 2020 – Virtual Auction, Virtual Gathering


Register in advance. Get a bid number. Use your credit or debit card. Members and friends have donated personal services, food from gardens and foraging, fish, photography, stamp collections, work by Alaskan artists. items for children and youth, Ivory, jewelry and accessories, gift certificates from local establishments and other great deals.

A Gaming Permit will be obtained from the State f Alaska to provide games of chance. Peggy and Irene Kerita, AUUF Admin, did the application. Carma and Cathy will take the test to be qualified to run it. We will hold a raffle for the colorful quilt that Irene O’Brien made this year and donated to AUUF. She calls it “Stir Crazy” because it was made during the pandemic shelter in place time and it was made from pieces of
cloth used to make masks. Are you feeling a little stir crazy from the “hunker down” time? We propose a cure.

VIRTUAL GATHERING NOV 22, 5-6:30pm A Stir Crazy Cure
Final bidding excitement will happen. You can eat dinner before this event starts, or you may be eating dinner at your home while you are with us virtually. It will be like a ZOOM meeting but will be set up on the auction software we just got. We are planning live music by members and friends. We will find out who is the Volunteer of the year. We will unmute and raise a glass of our favorite beverage to cheer for their service. And
then we will find out who got the award for taking UU values into their community service. We will raise our glasses and cheer again. I want to raise my glass and cheer that Rev. Lise has been asked to be with us for another year. Hip, Hip, Hooray!


If the vote counting gets finished from Nov. 3rd , we should be able to toast that the 2020 Election is over. It would be a good time to gather.

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-Auction Planning Committee: Kalen Saxton, Cathy Steen, Carma Reed, Peggy
Robinson and Heather Flynn. Others working on the auction, dozens and dozens.