Social Activism with Sr. Helen:  



When anti-death penalty activist and author Sister Helen Prejean spoke to the Forum in December, she generously offered to “come back” again for a session with people interested in reading her new book, “River of Fire: My Spiritual Journey.” It is about her path to activism, and for those of you who are interested in personally journaling about your thoughts and reactions as you read it, Sr. Helen will spend some additional time with us to facilitate this process—a half hour introductory session to kick off the process, and another hour to wrap it up, both on Zoom through AUUF.  The exact dates haven’t been set yet, but we are looking at doing the initial session with her probably in mid-February, and the final session three to four weeks later.


This timing should allow people to do two things you will need to do to prepare: 1) Get a copy of the book, River of Fire, and 2) read the book or watch the movie Dead Man Walking, or one other film related to the start of her personal journey, that Sr. Helen has suggested we do before our introductory encounter with her. You can find the specifics in a set of notes Sister Helen has sent us that describes what she has in mind, with some suggestions about reading and journaling, that you can find here.  


Some will want to do this as an individual, personal exercise, others may want to form or join a small group to share the experience between the opening and closing sessions with Sr. Helen.  That is entirely up to you. We will plan to keep you posted of more detailed information about this in announcements in Today at Your Fellowship and at the Forum in the coming weeks.

We have now set up a way to communicate with folks interested in taking part in a several week process of reading and journaling about a journey to social activism and becoming an engaged citizen. This is in response an invitation from our recent Forum speaker, anti-death penalty activist and author Sr. Helen Prejean, from New Orleans.  If you are interested in taking part send an email to

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