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Unitarian Universalist Association

Ministerial Search


The Anchorage Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (AUUF) is searching for a new settled minister. To view a timeline of the process that AUUF is following, download this PDF


Ministerial Search Committee

The fellowship has selected a 7-member committee to carry out the logistics and process for recruiting, identifying and recommending candidates to become AUUF's next settled minister. 

Meet members of our committee - download PDF to view biographical information 

George Bryson

Sam Cason

Mary Ann Eininger

Mara Hill

Katherine Huffman

Sid McCausland

Yolanda Meza

From one minister to another...

Alaska is extraordinary

Dear Colleague,

These photos represent just a mere glimpse of the wonderful possibilities to explore Alaska. From Kachemak Bay (south) to Denali National Park (north) ... these adventures are all within driving distance of Anchorage; and many can be enjoyed as a day trip!


So much to discover. So much to ponder. So much to refresh your spirit and inspire your muse.

Blessed to serve in Alaska,

Rev. Shelley Page

Interim Minister

Our Aspirations (What We Want)


Here'sa fast summary of a whole lot of congregational brain-storming about who we are and what we want – all of which emerged earlier this year during a highly successful “Fellowship to the Future” workshop spear-headed by the AUUF Transition Team.


About 50 willing participants were asked to remember what initially attracted them to the Fellowship, then consider what they particularly value about AUUF today, then imagine how we could be even better in the future. After six hours of prodding by facilitator and former Pacific Northwest UU President Hayden Nevill, about a dozen dominant themes emerged — ideas ranging from the practical and concrete to the idealistic and spiritual.


Here’s some of those aspirations in no particular order of priority:


  • We value and wish to enhance all three major sectors of our Fellowship  -- the 11 o’clock Service, the 9 o’clock Forum and the Religious Exploration (R.E.) Program.

  • We particularly treasure our friendships in the congregation and would like to see our membership grow.

  • We would love our annual budget to achieve the positive cash flow status of a self-sustaining and fiscal crisis-free congregation.

  • We aspire to finding (and hiring) a wise, ethical and highly skilled called-minister who can inspire not just our congregation but the community at large.

  • We want our Fellowship to truly live up to the Seven UU Principles.

  • We want all three spheres of our congregation — Forum, Religious Exploration (RE), 11 o’clock — to merge closer together in a synergistic bond.

  • We want to bump up our social justice game with even greater civic engagement.

  • We would like our membership to grow more culturally and racially diverse.

  • We want AUUF to be an always-welcome sanctuary for those in need of a “safe place.”

  • We want to continue to “grow good people” through our youth-nourishing RE program.

  • We want to continue to prepare our older youths for the challenges of adulthood through Our Whole Lives (OWL) sexuality education.

Who We're Looking For - The All-Fellowship Survey

AUUF Members and Friends:  What kind of new minister do you want?


AUUF members and friends were asked this via a survey that began early September 2019 and concluded early October.

when a survey kicked off online. Paper surveys were available at the fellowship.


Survey responses will help build AUUF’s all-important “Congregational Record” — a sprawling compendium of our history, demographics, priorities and aspirations — due to be shared with prospective ministerial candidates in mid-November.  Individual responses are held strictly confidential; however. The sum-total of responses are compiled in a report to be shared with the Fellowship.


Apart from attracting candidates, the survey will also help guide the selection process when it comes time in January for the Ministerial Search Team to choose the most ideal prospects. 


Anyone with questions or concerns about the survey, please feel free to contact MST member Katherine Huffman at 907-342-9890 — or by email at katherinelynnhuffman@gmail.com.

Salmon Fillet

A fisherman fillets the salmon he caught in a river near Hope, which is about a 90-minute drive south of Anchorage.