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Publication Guidelines

TAYF Deadlines- We publish TAYF on Thursday only (updated 5/22). Please submit your article by  Wednesday at 7PM.

We reserved the right to edit, alter and or abbreviate content for clarity & brevity. Lengthy articles may be abbreviated with a Click here to read more., link. Using this feature allows for every team's message to have a chance to be viewed without extensive scrolling.

Please ensure the information in your article is correct, and perhaps have your article proofread by a trusted source. Please do your due diligence, check the spellings of last names, check dates etc. 

Please do NOT add your own line breaks: When you are typing, let the cursor move to the next line without pressing enter or return. If you add additional line breaks, I will have to remove them because our email publisher, Constant Contact automatically scales text for various screen sizes.

PLEASE Keep it simple.  Excessive formatting is sometimes lost. Google documents seem to work better for copying & pasting into our email program Constant Contact better than WORD documents. WORD documents tend to lose all formatting, but with Google docs usually, only the underline, bold & Italic are lost. You can also request a "Click here to read the article." link is used if you don't want to lose your formatting, and I can link to your PDF.

If you have a link in your article.... Include the link, place the link in your text where you want it to appear. I will create a hyperlink for your link.  I cannot include the full link or GCI users will not receive the email, as the full link flags GCI spam filters. 

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